Brush Clearing

Bush Hog For Hire

The satisfaction that you get when someone says  "This place looks just like it did when I was 10 yrs old" and then she starts crying, makes me very happy

I truly enjoy helping folks with their problems, they think they have a huge mess on their hands, beyond their control, a project impossible to ever get done.  A few hours later I have it taken care of  and you can feel the relief and happiness the folks experience at this time

That's what I really like about the job

***Our rates are $50.00 an hour door-to-door for bush hogging and a nominal rental fee is added for specialized equipment for other jobs such as the 3 Point Sprayer or 3 Point Post Hole Digging auger***

**If I have to buy chemicals they will be charged AT COST with NO MARK-UP, I hate when folks mark up things on me just because, so I won't do it to you**